Thursday, 6 December 2007

Vista sp1 rc1

Finaly the service pack 1 for windows vista is past beta testing stage, R.C1 (release candidate 1) is out next week

Ive been needing a reason to reinstall vista again anyhow,

i was wondering what would be changed as i already have

fixes for the slow file transfer and a couple that were needed-

-released when certain games needed them(crysis etc)

Speaking of which one thing that will make me jump on it

asap was this comment by someone on a site talking about it-

"I have the RC1 build installed, it is very nice. Things are pretty speedy. Crysis(review)

(Pic) runs alot faster than before. Im talking like 10 -15 fps faster. I have an 8800 GTS."

it tends to be around 10-15 frame per sec that vista loses

out on to xp, so hopefully game performance is even now,

the direct x10 to dx9 is neglegable in most games apart from crysis.