Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ahem i truly honestly belieeeved the day holiday was october holidays, ive been at home for like 10 years no job etc , i did think it was awful quick coming around, cant make omellete without breaking sum eggs first! *hangs head in shame*

Thursday, 20 September 2007


wasnt at colege for much more than early mornings, because of CITYLINK Deliverys, no one get CITY LINK TO EVER DELIVER ANYTHING HEAVY (over 15kg)
sat in all day , got taxis up to them near end of each day, they couldnt find it, one time,, sent it back to central warehouse another time, told me they had been to my(unlocked left open) door 5 times and dropped a card though first day, eventually after lots of stresss and loss of 20 quid a night taxi money 4 times over, i managed to get hol dof what sounded like the boss on saturday and said how important it was and that id be there at 10- 12 before he shuts nomatter what so he found it miracculasly

got the partsn built computer in an hour, made 100 but through taxis lost it really, i dont build em often and the 100 was more a gift for doing it(i also spent 12 hours roughly perfectly setting up vista office 07 all my games, getting nodisk patches for em etc so we could link up computers.

2 coreduo at 3ghz along with 2 gtx cards linked up

Thursday, 13 September 2007


this was the time i went home made pasta and had 20 mins left to get back, but im a student, must not waste food, munched arrived 5 mins late all sweaty , locked out!! sigh

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Today were doing an excersis on trailblazing bloggers

My chosen blogger is Leila Fadel, the Baghdad bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers.


Its called the Bagdad observer

she herself stays in bagdad

Her blog is a mix of personal community, its not to serve the
community of bagdad but to show us what she is seeing in
the community since JUNE 23rd 07

Her first blog post talks about large group young children
being kept in atrocious conditions, and the state of
childcare(non existent) in iraq.

some random posts here

september 25th 07

The young man on television was probably 16 years old. But he looked so young, his face chubby with baby fat, his lips poised in a child's pout.

"Why are you here," the Vice President of Iraq, Tariq al Hashemi, asked.

"I don't know," he said. "They hit me and hit me and hit me until they made me admit to something I haven't done. What can I do?"

Hashemi was visiting the Iraqi prison for juveniles with camera men. He asked them to film.

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December 22nd 07

The Eid al Adha, the festival of Sacrifice, started Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday.

The Sunni Muslims woke up the morning of Wednesday to do their Eid prayer and listen to the sermon, or Khutba, before donning new clothes and visiting family and friends with gifts and money for young children.

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Publish Post

I do think th iraq was is one of the bigger oversteps of the line by ourselves to other countrys rights etc , thats reason i chose this blog.

I cant say how its cahnged over the years she has moved onto other projects, but throughout she seemed very unbiased jsut reporting what she saw( you dont really need to be bias to show how grim it is.)