Thursday, 6 December 2007

Vista sp1 rc1

Finaly the service pack 1 for windows vista is past beta testing stage, R.C1 (release candidate 1) is out next week

Ive been needing a reason to reinstall vista again anyhow,

i was wondering what would be changed as i already have

fixes for the slow file transfer and a couple that were needed-

-released when certain games needed them(crysis etc)

Speaking of which one thing that will make me jump on it

asap was this comment by someone on a site talking about it-

"I have the RC1 build installed, it is very nice. Things are pretty speedy. Crysis(review)

(Pic) runs alot faster than before. Im talking like 10 -15 fps faster. I have an 8800 GTS."

it tends to be around 10-15 frame per sec that vista loses

out on to xp, so hopefully game performance is even now,

the direct x10 to dx9 is neglegable in most games apart from crysis.

Thursday, 8 November 2007

Shambala page 3

The room shuts off all noise from outside, a strange smell
like tree sap mixed with saffron. This room seems older
than the rest of the temple, stange but just a feeling u get.

Pillars all over the room but four in front of yous seem
diffrent as though the normal pillars are covered up inside.

The monk notices your curiosity, "these are not pillars
they are your strength test" 'cant see how they are i think
to myself. "the 3 small pots are the purity tests, only one
who is pure wil pick correct"

The monk instruct me first to stand beetween the pillars
and attempt to keep them apart, i do my best but cannot
hold them apart, they slam against me winding me and
putting stars in my vision.

Ah very unlucky u are truly weak as i thought maybe
u will pass the purity test, drink the correct pot u
will be fine drink wrong u will see someone else

One smells like alcohol one smells like fish one smells
of somthing vile.I choose the one which seems to make sense

alcohol smell vile fish

Thursday, 1 November 2007


Well on the holidays i visiting my hometown of Nairn a couple times, what a hangover!

I did just look through some images of nairn, but pretty dour so not putting them up, looking through a few pages of older peoples websites reminded me why everyone gets a bit drunk there!

Hmm i put a Video link on side of my page for zeitgiest, a video that makes u wander at the very least about religeon , goverments and the banking systems that holds everyone to debt today.

If you follow the link u can find backing up it all.

"Though many different frauds are addressed in Zeitgeist, at the present time the most important issue is exposing 9/11 and thus exposing government sponsored Terrorism. If we do not, they will erode all of our civil liberties and an oppressive, military style, surveillance based Police State will take firm root."

if that film interested you here is all the rest of conspiracy stuff in one place.

Friday, 19 October 2007


what can i say tremendous fimlm,, been a while since ive loiked one like it, was hard to accept deniro as a puff, but ya his typecast wore off and it worked

i heard the film was co written by jonathan ross's wife

yes it is middle of night

Thursday, 11 October 2007

Project shoot em Up

Ok now to business side of things im gonna hmm create a blog teaching u to hone your online shooting skills

Ive been playing games since ooo i was aboot 8 which makes 20 years, had sum school inbeetween that, at 17 i was 3 hundred annd sumink? 360 ?370? i dunno world ranking for css player

your reaction times etc seem to be at a peak then, probably copious amounts of drugs inbeetwen then and now(that can be nicooteen and alcohol lets not jump to conclusions, alcohol is the worst killer anyhow)

Science has proven gaming players rections and prepheteral vision is much higher than sumone who deos not play, also surgeons who are used to joypads are exellent at the microscopic machines for operating on the body.(proven better than surgeons who didnt leave their wives with cold beds at nights while they played games lol same goes for soldiers bomb exploders anything that uses remote sytems for controlling stuff.

but fast reactions arent the be all and end all in some games, predicting where and what your oppenants next move will be is tremendous when your good at it. noticing their gameplay style and changing your own is also a must, is he aggressive? defensive? you must counter their style.

Also like any sport practise and pushing yourself is important- dpending how into that game u are, when i played quake 3 i played it on knightmare mode an hour a day and onlinne for around 3.
I have noticed if u start varying games u play(much more fun) its harder to keep skills up high in one game, each has its own trajectorys, firing skills etc for weapons,

i dont play serious these days, jsut anything thats good online i play. Lifes to short to spend on computer games, even more too short for jsut one game :)

As for equipment, depends very much on what shooters you want to play, u need a mousey for shooters(soz consollers) cabled mouse is better than wireless(milliseconds count, sometimes u just middle pressing fire and his bullet kills u- milliseconds count)

monitor, well monitor is what u look at all the time nomatter what!These days so much to choose form , we are spoilt for choice.

30 inch lcd wil give u highest resolution almost double definition (2560* 1600) whata FullHD 1080*1920) tv wil give u but 10 inches smaller.

These days a nice 40-60 inch tv can be affordable(499 cheapst 42 inch tv i know off) 1500 for a 65 inch dlp tv (converted from $ so not sure)

8ms (milliseconds delay on a 22-24 inch monitor wil get u a finer picture and faster response time. and 22 inch widescreen lcd at that sepc is 179 quid as of today.

id say 200gfx+80ram+50psu+30case+70mobo+80c-cpu+20 gaming keypad+50 mouse (mouse is up to u what you pay really also add monitor of choice and ahrd disk of choice,, 30 quid for 250 gig one

must dash

hmmm week7

Thursday the 11th

Bought myself a pen tablet for computer at home, a photoshop cs3 book, css aand xhtml book also a dreamwaever cs3 book

Quite like mukking around with photoshop, liked dreamweaver aswell from job placement at web design place i had, needed to learn it better though, photoshop im alright at need to be a pro though! xhtml and css is for college studying.

Thursday, 4 October 2007

wow im here perfect atendance etc we set up google readers but password wasnt sorted but it is now.

Thursday, 27 September 2007

Ahem i truly honestly belieeeved the day holiday was october holidays, ive been at home for like 10 years no job etc , i did think it was awful quick coming around, cant make omellete without breaking sum eggs first! *hangs head in shame*

Thursday, 20 September 2007


wasnt at colege for much more than early mornings, because of CITYLINK Deliverys, no one get CITY LINK TO EVER DELIVER ANYTHING HEAVY (over 15kg)
sat in all day , got taxis up to them near end of each day, they couldnt find it, one time,, sent it back to central warehouse another time, told me they had been to my(unlocked left open) door 5 times and dropped a card though first day, eventually after lots of stresss and loss of 20 quid a night taxi money 4 times over, i managed to get hol dof what sounded like the boss on saturday and said how important it was and that id be there at 10- 12 before he shuts nomatter what so he found it miracculasly

got the partsn built computer in an hour, made 100 but through taxis lost it really, i dont build em often and the 100 was more a gift for doing it(i also spent 12 hours roughly perfectly setting up vista office 07 all my games, getting nodisk patches for em etc so we could link up computers.

2 coreduo at 3ghz along with 2 gtx cards linked up

Thursday, 13 September 2007


this was the time i went home made pasta and had 20 mins left to get back, but im a student, must not waste food, munched arrived 5 mins late all sweaty , locked out!! sigh

Thursday, 6 September 2007


Today were doing an excersis on trailblazing bloggers

My chosen blogger is Leila Fadel, the Baghdad bureau chief for McClatchy Newspapers.


Its called the Bagdad observer

she herself stays in bagdad

Her blog is a mix of personal community, its not to serve the
community of bagdad but to show us what she is seeing in
the community since JUNE 23rd 07

Her first blog post talks about large group young children
being kept in atrocious conditions, and the state of
childcare(non existent) in iraq.

some random posts here

september 25th 07

The young man on television was probably 16 years old. But he looked so young, his face chubby with baby fat, his lips poised in a child's pout.

"Why are you here," the Vice President of Iraq, Tariq al Hashemi, asked.

"I don't know," he said. "They hit me and hit me and hit me until they made me admit to something I haven't done. What can I do?"

Hashemi was visiting the Iraqi prison for juveniles with camera men. He asked them to film.

read on...

December 22nd 07

The Eid al Adha, the festival of Sacrifice, started Wednesday, and Thursday and Friday.

The Sunni Muslims woke up the morning of Wednesday to do their Eid prayer and listen to the sermon, or Khutba, before donning new clothes and visiting family and friends with gifts and money for young children.

read on...

Publish Post

I do think th iraq was is one of the bigger oversteps of the line by ourselves to other countrys rights etc , thats reason i chose this blog.

I cant say how its cahnged over the years she has moved onto other projects, but throughout she seemed very unbiased jsut reporting what she saw( you dont really need to be bias to show how grim it is.)