Thursday, 8 November 2007

Shambala page 3

The room shuts off all noise from outside, a strange smell
like tree sap mixed with saffron. This room seems older
than the rest of the temple, stange but just a feeling u get.

Pillars all over the room but four in front of yous seem
diffrent as though the normal pillars are covered up inside.

The monk notices your curiosity, "these are not pillars
they are your strength test" 'cant see how they are i think
to myself. "the 3 small pots are the purity tests, only one
who is pure wil pick correct"

The monk instruct me first to stand beetween the pillars
and attempt to keep them apart, i do my best but cannot
hold them apart, they slam against me winding me and
putting stars in my vision.

Ah very unlucky u are truly weak as i thought maybe
u will pass the purity test, drink the correct pot u
will be fine drink wrong u will see someone else

One smells like alcohol one smells like fish one smells
of somthing vile.I choose the one which seems to make sense

alcohol smell vile fish